What We Do

At Blue Ridge Capital Inc. our objectives are simple.

  1. Provide our client’s with a steady revenue stream via constant new customer acquisitions, add to their retentive customer base, and provide their customers with a tailored service that fosters a long term relationship between the client and the customer.
  2. Provide our employees with ample growth and career opportunities with clients from multiple different industries, advance our intrinsic, entrepreneurial roots, and create an exciting and motivating culture that encourages growth and learning.
  3. Scale our services nationally in the United States and internationally, compete with the best companies in the world, and continue our mission of placing people back into business, instead of removing people for better margins.

We play the long game. No MLM, telemarketing, “get rich quick,” or anything of that sort. Our main focus is growing our business from the ground up.


Vision & Strategy

At Blue Ridge Capital Inc. our vision is unlike anything else. We offer our clients a 100% return on investment. We don’t make money, unless they do. Our confidence stems from our abilities to customize the campaign to the clients needs in a one on one setting and tailor our client’s services and products to meet the consumer’s needs and desires. Our philosophy is heavily surrounded around a sports minded mentality. Mark Cuban once said, “ Business is the ultimate sport. In business as in sport, the one thing you can control is effort.” Plain and simple, using our direct marketing methods, we have continuously achieved dramatic results for clients both large and small across many different industries.

Blue Ridge Capital Inc. focuses on gaining professional acquisitions with direct marketing tactics for our clients. Our goal is to a local customer bases for nationally recognized companies. As a result, this ensures that our clients will receive genuine and local representation through fully trained, professional sale and customer service agents.

Ultimately, our intentions are to market their products and services to help increase their customer base and retain their existing accounts. Companies are becoming more and more frustrated with traditional marketing and advertising channels. Direct mail has become obsolete, telemarketing and email advertising have become a nuisance, and every time we log into our social media accounts, we are attacked with pop-up advertisements. We aim to ultimately get back to our roots; focusing on a traditional face to face approach.