How We Work

At Blue Ridge Capital Inc. we promise to ensure our clients are receiving their return on investment. We are so confident in our model of acquisitions that we do not accept payment until our client’s goals have been reached. This may sound risky; however, this is the exact reason we have developed relationships with some of the biggest companies in the telecommunications, non-profit fundraising, and solar industries to name a few. Our process is simple, we have a four step process to guarantee a win/win relationship with our clients.

  1. Discuss Client’s Vision and Establish Baseline Goals
  2. Develop Marketing Strategy and Implement Campaign
  3. Put in Action / Assess Results
  4. Scale Nationally and Internationally

As our team is being tasked with replicating our strategies for our clients nationally, we have a very aggressive approach towards employee growth. With the rise of e-commerce, companies are taking people out of business to increase profit margins. We are not saying that we are trying to compete with that by any means. We have found that people still like dealing with people. One of our major goals is to continue to expand and grow the firm to the point where we can continue to provide upward mobility for our own employees. By following an organic growth employment model, we are able to safeguard that our clients will receive mirrored results in any market we establish in. We are also able to captivate and create opportunities for our own employees who are looking for long-term careers.



We care about two parties: our team and our clients. With putting such an emphasis on employee growth and individualized, continuous training, our hopes are to give our employees the resources and knowledge to be a contributing partner to our team. Our founders and owners work effortlessly to teach, train, coach, and develop our team and cross train their skills in multiple areas of business including:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Professional Selling and Consulting
  • Brand Awareness and Advertising
  • Public Speaking and Leadership Development
  • Professional Presentations and Training
  • Management Training
  • Market Analysis and Development
  • Project Management
  • Among much more…

Our clients are the reason we have such large aspirations. As mentioned previously, we offer our clients 100% Return On Investment. This allows for a very unique relationship, our clients cannot lose. We put our client’s needs before our own and realize that the relationship works this way: When they grow, we grow in return. Having this specialized relationship ensures that are client’s goals are placed first overall and will have a “No Loss” commitment.

Blue Ridge Capital Inc. was created by a dedicated team who believes in an entrepreneurial approach towards professional and personal growth. Bottom line, we love what we do and will continue to drive the needle towards our ultimate goal of creating a global business. We know what it will take to accomplish this; a great team, great relationships with clients, extraordinary work ethic, a great student mentality, and a desire to overcome all obstacles that get in our way. Keep an eye on Blue Ridge Capital Inc., we are here to continue to grow, expand, evolve with whatever industries we are working in!